Instagram Trials New Flipside Feature – Here Are the Facts

Ronal Yuliawan

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In a recent development, Instagram is testing a new feature called ‘Flipside,’ confirmed by Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri. This experimental feature aims to transform users’ more private or “finstas” (fake Instagrams) into a new product feature.

The Flipside feature was initially spotted in 2023, but Instagram then labeled it as an internal prototype. Now, Adam Mosseri reveals that the company is starting to test the feature with users to gauge their responses.

Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has also confirmed the ongoing testing of this feature. The younger demographic on Instagram has long been using finstas, gaining broader public attention in 2021.

During a congressional hearing, US Senator Richard Blumenthal questioned a Meta executive about the company’s commitment to ending finstas. The confusion around this feature arises as those in authority overseeing technology don’t fully grasp its workings.

Meta’s Chief Security Officer, Antigone Davis, attempted to explain that finstas are not an Instagram feature. Instead, they are private accounts intended for Close Friends only and are used to evade parental supervision on the social media platform.

Blumenthal sought more specific answers, focusing on the ease with which children could create separate accounts beyond parental control on Instagram.

By transforming “finsta” into a feature linked to users’ main accounts, Instagram allows them to shift profiles down to the “flipside,” creating a more private space.

Instagram is expected to gain a better understanding of users’ ages creating separate accounts, likely linking existing profiles to the new, more private Flipside profiles. This suggests that Instagram may leverage age verification tools to categorize users through their main accounts, translating these settings into their associated Flipside or finsta profiles.

Responding to users requesting a Threads Flipside version for Instagram, Mosseri mentioned, “we’re not even sure we’ll launch it on Instagram.”

Mosseri expressed both excitement about creating a more private space and the alternative to reach a smaller audience aside from secondary accounts and Close Friends. “We’ll see how people respond to this test and take it from there,” he added.

Another Instagram spokesperson stated that the platform continually seeks new ways to help people connect with friends on Instagram. The platform recognizes users’ desire for more options to share in private spaces.

“We’re excited to start testing a new feature where you can create a special profile, including a unique name, bio, and photo, as well as share exclusive content with a small group of followers,” the statement concluded.